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rice husk charcoal making machine

Integrated Auto-carbonized System and Process for Waste Chemical Water with Sawdust

Integrated Auto-carbonized system process: 

1. Mix the waste chemical water with the organic material like sawdust, rice shell, crushed twigs, grass and life garbage etc.

2. The humidity of the mixture should be lower than 40%.( Special equipment should be used for the mixing process)

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Tunisia client came to see Beston carbonization-equipment

The Most Recent Facts About Biomass Carbonization Technology

If you hear the expression biomass, this may bring many images to mind. You may well be considering the deciduous material that is at the end of your forest. Additionally it is a term that is used to reference exactly what is left after harvesting a crop, or perhaps the branches that happen to be leftover from falling trees for lumber.

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Industrial Waste Carbonization

The Proper Ways To Handle Municipal Solid Waste

The choice and application of the garbage disposal technology by the various factors impact including economic, geological conditions, the urbanization level, the purpose and requirements of garbage disposal and garbage output, composition, characteristics, etc.

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Straw Charcoal Machine

How to Achieve the Best Production Status of The Straw Carbonization Equipment?

The manufacture of the environmental straw charcoal can’t leave straw carbonization equipment, then how could the machine take full advantage of its strengths in the actual production process to make the maximum benefit for the customers? Today our Beston Machinery will give the analysis for you:

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straw carbon

The Charcoal Equipment Has The Ability To Turn Straw Into Treasure

Having been doing researches for many years, Beston Machinery Co,. Ltd makes the production of the optimal charcoal plants, standing out in numerous competitors in today’s society. With a great many of advantages, the charcoal equipment produced by Besong Machinery have been very popular with majority of customers, which is a good investment project for some clients who wish to start a business.

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rice husk carbon

What Is The Advantage Of The Rice Husk Charcoal Produced By Carbonization Machine?

There are many effects about rice husk charcoal, and its economic value has an inseparable relationship with its use. There are two species uses of the common rice husk charcoal, one is that it can change the rice husk charcoal into carbon-based slow-release fertilizer through light processing, the advantage is enhancing farmland fertility and insulation capacity; another one is putting the rice husk charcoal above the molten steel to filter out impurities.

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Carbonization Of Biomass

The Biomass Carbonization Technology Combines Traditional Process And Modern Technology

Industry drives the progress of human society. Since our country carried out the reform and opening up policy in 1980s, our economy began to enter the stage of rapid development. At this stage, we exchange the market for technology, but also exchange the economy for pollution.

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Making Charcoal From Sawdust

Sawdust Carbonization Machine Can Produce More Activated Carbon

Sawdust, also called wood chips and wood powder, is the rest of wood after processing. Sawdust has low value and its recycling cost is very low. With the development of science and technology and the promotion of environmental protection, sawdust in 21st century has another use—carbonization.

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Biochar Market- U.S. Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020

Biochar is a solid material that is obtained from the carbonization of biomass. It is added to soil to enhance soil quality and reduce emissions through carbon sequestration. The use of biochar for carbon sequestration is believed to offset carbon emissions from natural and industrial processes.

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rice husk charcoal making machine

The Quality of Rice Husk Carbon Is Related To The Structure Of The Carbonization Furnace

The carbonized rice husk can be used for processing activated carbon, producing fertilizer and processing carbon fiber. There is a certain relationship between the quality of the original carbon and the quality of the finished product. How to improve the quality of the carbonization and guarantee no pollution is an important indicator to test the rice husk carbonization furnace. So strict performance requirements have been added to the carbonization machine with single cylinder, double tube or three cylinder and vertical carbonizing machine in the market. The performance of the carbon furnace will affect the quality of the rice husk. So although the rice husk is easy to be carbonized, the same carbon will have different value.

The quality of rice husk carbon is related to the structure of the carbonization furnace and the content of air in the process of carbonization. Our horizontal and vertical carbonization furnaces are equipped with dual channel and drying system. Under the high-pressure of dragon, the rice husk will be extruded to the inner barrel of the host for the secondary drying. With the rotation of the cylinder, the rice husk will be pushed to the other side of the tube by the paddles and then enter the outer carbonization layer. The rice husk will react here and this process will determine the quality of rice husk carbon. The air content in the outer barrel can not be too high, and the combustible gas produced in the carbonization process should be recycled for burning. In addition, there will be the risk of explosion if the wind power is not matched with the feeding or discharging rate. Our carbonization furnace is equipped with explosion-proof device and we have also used the latest sealing method, which can guarantee our rice husk carbon are of high quality.

Beston can provide product samples and arrange machine test. Customers can bring rice husk to our plant and test our machines. Most of the carbon deep processing technologies in China are imported from other countries. The high price and great demand will surely make the carbon market become more and more widely in the twenty-first Century.