Carbonization Project Analysis Report

The Feasibility Study Report of Waste Carbonization Machine

Waste Incineration is the promising project in China nowadays, while the governments and civilians are still very lack of the sense of waste classification. The low discharge standard of the incineration factory, the benefits relations between the project owner and governments caused many questions and suspicions by the civilians.

In Japan, the forerunner country of waste incineration, it is the waste classification movements of normal civilians that worth us to learn more. The big cities in China is promoting for the waste incineration project to solve the problem of too many waste surrounded the city.

Waste Carbonization Machine
Waste Carbonization Machine

The incineration factory is lack of proper managements about the projects location and running, caused many questions and suspicions by the civilians. If the wet and day garbage not been classified, the inadequate combustion will produce toxic gases of dioxin, also produce the toxic waste. In China, most garbage burnt by the incineration factory is original mixing garbage, so it’s easy to produce mass dioxin gases.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang industry are more developed, producing a large amount of industrial sludge,the existing treatment facilities and units can not meet the growing demand for disposal. At the same time, due to lack of appropriate technology, many sludge which has a certain value in use is difficult to be effective use.

Random dumping of industrial sludge, landfill caused great harm. But if for different types of sludge for laboratory analysis,will find that most of the sludge contain valuable material.” Huang Danxi told reporters that he has so far for many industrial dozens of sludge generated by the industry laboratory analysis conducted for different sludge, developed a corresponding processing technology, most are successfully achieved utilization and safe disposal of industrial sludge.

Put the pile of dry industrial sludge into a device, ignite, burning, melting, after a raging fire, leaving the furnace-like molten magma body; the melt spilled from both high and low outlet, place some time, the red “lava” black slag cooling into two parties block, one for heavy piece of metal, one for a lighter oxide residue. this is just a successful new pilot technology to extract price different metals by treatment and disposal of heavy metals in industrial sludge, although the high cost of treatment, while the obvious environmental benefits.

carbonization of sewage sludge
Carbonization of Sewage Sludge

Non-heavy metal black metal pickling sludge contains about 40% iron oxide,” For example, he said, after adding alkali neutralization, dehydration, after drying, can be used as raw material for cement production with iron oxide powder, sold directly to Cement plant. Dyeing sludge also contains a certain amount of iron, can be processed to extract a considerable proportion of iron oxide powder, can be used as additives material for cement production and raw materials of ironworks production . For electroplating sludge containing heavy metals, you can use the just success of this technology in the test equipment, recover the various metals and heavy metals.

High iron content of the sludge, the treated part of the slag can be a made as the raw materials of cement additives production, metal reduzate objects can be directly used as the lift counter weight.” Huang Danxi carrying a heavy gray iron said that Mineralization of slag can produce baking-free brick, flue gas recovery of high purity metal can be directly sold. Since the high temperature’s melt, a small amount of hazardous heavy metal oxide material has restored to solidified metal , will have no impact on the external environment. It is understood that this equipment was developed by Beston Machinery Co,.Ltd that can handle heavy metal sludge type of solid waste, used batteries, black metal pickling sludge (free of heavy metals), etc., and recycled copper, iron, nickel, chromium and other metals, zinc and other low melting point metals can be recycled from the flue gas.

end product-charcoal
end product-charcoal

General Remarks About Waste Carbonization Furnace:

the strong market demands since 2010, we designed this new continuous carbonizing equipment. The design is based on our customers’ advice; our experience of flash steaming dryer, stuffy tank carbonized oven, open carbonized oven and other carbonizing equipment; combining research of engineers from Zhengzhou machinery institute on saw dust, rice hull, grass, fruit shell or peel, straw, biogas residue.

General Introduction of The Equipment

This machine adopts the design of double layer and multi passage. It is mainly composed of drier, carbonizing machine and other auxiliary equipment. Among these parts, there are other parts like driving, rack, drying, flash steaming, carbonizing, feeding, discharging, cooling, exhaust gas recycling, wet dust catcher, gasification furnace and related pipes. We can equip the machine with chasis if customer needs it (customer-made parts).

Double-layer design make the lower part of the machine contact the hot air as much as possible, this design is helpful to raise the heat utilization efficiency from the beginning. The lower layer equipment utilize residue heat in carbonizing gas to flash steam the materials. This is the second stage to raise the utilization efficiency of heat. The optimized and concentration multi-pipe design of hot exhaust gas (generated from gasifier or hot blast heater) recycling pipe, carbonizing and fission heat collecting pipe, flash steaming steam collecting pipe, combustion emission collecting pipe can raise the heat utilization efficiency in the third time. After three time of optimized usage of heat, the temperature of the emission gas is below 100 centigrade. Under the inspection of related institutes, the heat use ratio of our equipment is over 85%. Our equipment is called perfect flax stem carbonizing equipment by Erie flax factory in Xinjiang province.

carbonization equipment
Carbonization Equipment

The upper part of our machine adopts edge driving and center screening double drive and stepless speed change structure. The structure can compulsorily change the materials into fine powder in the flash steaming and drying chamber, so the materials can fully contact the hot air, and the controllable rotating speed enable us to control the contacting time of materials and hot air. Then we can get material with the same humidity although their initial humidity is different. After drying, the material will automatically flow into the carbonizing machine in the lower part. The upper part of the machine is for drying material and the lower part is for carbonizing the material.

Usually, we use one equipment to supply hot air ( it can be hot blast stove, the fuel can be coal, branch, biomass pellet, coal gas or other combustible gas; it can also be biomass gasifier, burner and coal spray machine etc.), on one hand, we dry raw materials by using hot exhaust gas and hot air from carbonizing chamber; on the other hand, we use hot air carbonize raw material directly. For undeveloped area, we can use simple single-layer carbonizing machine to process materials with the humidity less than 10% so we can save some investment.

Working Principle and Features of Structure:

flow chart of carbonization process

Environmental protection

1.Implementation of this project’s environmental standards

(1) the industrial enterprise factory boundary noise standards;

(2) the GB 9878-96 of integrated waste water discharge standard table;

(3) the atmospheric pollutant emission standard of boilers.

Workshop for environmental protection measures:

Combustible garbage carbonization treatment technology for waste pyrolysis, gas volatilization for the main process, and on the environment was mostly smoke, dust and noise pollution. In the design process were taking different measures for different pollution sources and emission concentrations reached the national standard.

Focused mainly on the carbon emissions of pollution sources, according to GB13271-2001 of the atmospheric pollutant emission standard of boilers of two classes of air pollution sources, implementation schedule 1 “second-level” standard–Soot emission concentration 200mg/M3,, smoke black (ringelman black) level 1, emissions of sulphur dioxide concentrations 900mg/M3, nitrogen-oxygen compounds 400mg/M3.

Energy saving effect and evaluation of the project:

Combustible garbage carbonization process energy consumption compared with the incinerator and burned trash, energy saving rate below 120% if compared with traditional landfill, saves 95% of disputes over land. Combustible garbage carbonization process is fully implemented, “reduction”, “harmless” and “resources”. Combination of these, combustible garbage carbonization treatment compares with any kind of approach are the most ideal, one of the greenest, most energy-efficient, most scientific approach, average energy efficiency of more than 110%.

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