Malaysian Customers Visit to Beston’s Factory and the Charcoal Making Machine

Recently, Beston customers from Malaysia visit us and our factory of charcoal making machines.

Charcoal Making Machine in Mapaysia
Malaysian Customers Came to Beston

Peter, the head of the visiting group shared his ideas of the charcoal making machines with our engineers and sales specialists. He visited the workshop of our factory and the sales specialist introduced our newly-designed carbonization furnace to him.

Introduction to Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Sales Specialist Introduced the Machines to Peter

Our carbonization machine is energy-saving and eco-friendly, which has also been improved a lot in performance and efficiency of working. Peter spoke highly of our machines and the new techniques we have adopted after listening to the introduction and watching the try-out of the machine. We also took down his own ideas and suggestion and did some changes in the design, so as to fit the local habits of operations of Malaysia.

Malaysian Customers Came to Beston
Talks Between Peter and the Sales Specialist

Beston always promises a high quality of every piece of our machines. Besides, our charcoal making machine has multiple uses. It can process all the biomass waste, for example, wood, straw, sawdust, coconut shells, bamboo, palm kernel shells and sewage sludge can all be the raw materials to produce charcoal. These charcoals, no matter what raw materials are, have a quite high value of utilization in many industries.

Carbonization Machine Suppliers
Talking about the New Techniques

If you are interested in turning biomass waste into fuels, you can go back to the homepage to get more useful information.

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