Integrated Auto-carbonized System and Process for Waste Chemical Water with Sawdust

Integrated Auto-carbonized system process: 

1. Mix the waste chemical water with the organic material like sawdust, rice shell, crushed twigs, grass and life garbage etc.

2. The humidity of the mixture should be lower than 40%.( Special equipment should be used for the mixing process)

3. Put the organic material like saw dust without waste chemical water into the stove and burnt to produce smoke.

4. Turn on the smoke adjusting fan.

5. The electronic igniter lit on the stove to provide heat to the main machine.

6. Turn on all the equipment.

7. After about 30mins, when the stove’s temperature come up to 650 C to 700 C. Put the mixture through the dig angle belt conveyor into the tumber dryer.

8. The mixture free fall inside the carbonization machine and been dry out for the second time.

Fully automatic carbonation system
Fully automatic carbonation system

9. Then fall in the outside bin of charcoal making machine and start the high temperature pyrolysis, sulfur emission, flue gas volatile, carbon focused carbide process.

10. The hot flue gas and wind produced will be led to the gas tube by the fan, to be used in the pre-drying out machine. Then turn off the gasification furnace valve and put out the fire.

11. Now the self recycling system been formed as keep on feeding, pre-baking, carbonizing, producing smoke and burning.

12. The rest hot flue gas and hot air been led to the dust remover for the filtering of big smoke particle.

13. The rest hot flue gas and heat been led to the desulfurizing tower by the fan for first and second desulfurization process.

14. The rest hot flue gas and heat been led to the smoke tower by the fan for first and second smoke abatement process.

15. The smoke abatement and desulfurization steam will be condensate and by the condenser and led to the recycle water pool.

16. The whole process finish.


1. The whole process do not need any fuel.

2. There is no pollution gas to the air and achieve the environment protecting standard.

3. Only the waste water needs to be dealt with. Methods

A: Sold to thermal power plant for wetting fly ash.

B: Fill the water in the organic materials need to be carbonated for second time process.

C: In the end, there is no pollution gas to the air or pollution to the earth. It can achieve the environment protecting standard.


4. The carbide can be used in below methods:

A: Use as the fuel in the factory.

B: Sell in the market as the fuel.

C: Mill to 120 charcoal powder and export to International market.

D:Use as the active carbon for waste water recycling.

E: Use as the material for new road bricks.

F: Use as the active carbon for other usages.

5. We suggest client try to use only one kind of material for the process. This way for better sales and lower the cost for the process running.

6. Due to the corrosivity of the waste chemical water, we suggest client use above 310S level stainless steel for all the equipment related.

7. The quotation do not include.

A: Stainless steel.

B: Freight cost.


D: Wire line cost.

8. Free for the service of technical instruction, installation and tst running, operators training.

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