Sawdust Carbonization Machine Can Produce More Activated Carbon

Sawdust, also called wood chips and wood powder, is the rest of wood after processing. Sawdust has low value and its recycling cost is very low. With the development of science and technology and the promotion of environmental protection, sawdust in 21st century has another use—carbonization. Sawdust carbonization that originated in Japan and Korea belongs to biomass carbonization technology. It develops fast in these places because the local forestry is deficient.

At the earliest, sawdust is carbonized through carbonization furnace but its service life and yield can not receive the guarantee because of its own structure. Frequent production accidents and news have made the unqualified products public and the related equipment gasifier is also regarded as fake equipment by the media. We have investigated many websites that sell carbonization device and found that they have exaggerated the function of the equipment to promote their unqualified products. More and more customers do not believe the new machines, which makes it difficult to develop carbonizing machine. However, the lack of resources and deterioration of environment are the common problems faced by everyone living on earth. The pollution caused by oil and coal is becoming increasingly serious and people begin to pay more attention to renewable and clean resources.

Sawdust Charcoal
Sawdust Charcoal

Carbon can be used energy activated carbon and used in the field of disinfecting and filtering because of its strong adsorption ability. Charcoal can be used widely in industrial and agricultural area and its huge demand is on the rise. The main features of carbonization machine are continuous production, environment friendly and clean, reliable performance and quality guarantee.

The normal production of sawdust charcoal machine is 0.5 t/h-5 t/h and we will design it according to customers’ requirement. Its core technology will not change, raw material→drying→carbonization. After drying, the production of sawdust and activated carbon is 3:1, the water content of sawdust is 12% and at last we can get the carbon rod or activated carbon after deep processing.

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