The Characteristics and Processing Method of Bamboo Charcoal

The charcoal made from bamboo is called bamboo charcoal. Bamboo is widely distributed in south China, such as Fujian and Sichuan, which provides sufficient raw materials for the processing of bamboo charcoal. Bamboo not only can be used to make fuel, it has a wide range of application. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, the bamboo carbonization technology has developed rapidly. And people also begin to have a deeper understanding of bamboo.

The quality of rice husk carbon is related to the structure of the carbonization furnace and the content of air in the process of carbonization. Our horizontal and vertical carbonization furnaces are equipped with dual channel and drying system. Under the high-pressure of dragon, the rice husk will be extruded to the inner barrel of the host for the secondary drying. With the rotation of the cylinder, the rice husk will be pushed to the other side of the tube by the paddles and then enter the outer carbonization layer. The rice husk will react here and this process will determine the quality of rice husk carbon. The air content in the outer barrel can not be too high, and the combustible gas produced in the carbonization process should be recycled for burning. In addition, there will be the risk of explosion if the wind power is not matched with the feeding or discharging rate. Our carbonization furnaces are equipped with explosion-proof device and we have also used the latest sealing method, which can guarantee our rice husk carbon are of high quality.

Beston machinery can provide product samples and arrange machine test. Customers can bring rice husk to our plant and test our machines. Most of the carbon deep processing technologies in China are imported from other countries. The high price and great demand will surely make the carbon market become more and more widely in the twenty-first Century.

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