What Is The Advantage Of The Rice Husk Charcoal Produced By Carbonization Machine?

There are many effects about rice husk charcoal, and its economic value has an inseparable relationship with its use. There are two species uses of the common rice husk charcoal, one is that it can change the rice husk charcoal into carbon-based slow-release fertilizer through light processing, the advantage is enhancing farmland fertility and insulation capacity; another one is putting the rice husk charcoal above the molten steel to filter out impurities. There are also some uncommon uses, and will not introduce one by one temporarily. Now we will told what are the advantages between the carbonization machine when it carbonizes the rice husk and carbonization furnace.

rice husk charcoal making machine
Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

1. Continuous system

If we can say that the traditional craft combined with the technology of previous era, it produced the carbonization furnace, then we can say that the carbonization machine is the result of the modern technology combined with the traditional craft. When people was designing the last generation production, their mind was tightly fasten to the narrow sense of piles of production. Processing one stove and one stove is a waste of labor and it can’t carbonize the rice husk sufficiently, moreover the effects of the carbonization between the outer and inner are entirely different.

2. Small energy consumption

In fact the carbonization furnace has already made use of heat well, but it produces combustible gases in the dry distillation process, while the rice husk carbonization machine recycles the gases into the firepot through the air passage, which can not only support burn but also reduce the quantity of using coal, natural gas and biomass carbon, so this equipment is less energy consumption than the previous generation.

3. Green and environmental protection

The rice husk charcoal machine adopts the advanced mode of water-film dust collector, and it filters the particle and noxious substance in the fume produced in the carbonization processing, and it can still assure you set your mind at rest to produce in today’s strict environment requirements.

All above are the main advantages of using carbonization machine, what is also worth mentioning is that the same rice husk exist a gap in carbon content after processing by different equipment. The rice husk charcoal machine is suitable for the customers who have requirements for production, environmental protection and carbon content.

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