The Proper Ways To Handle Municipal Solid Waste

The choice and application of the garbage disposal technology by the various factors impact including economic, geological conditions, the urbanization level, the purpose and requirements of garbage disposal and garbage output, composition, characteristics, etc. Due to the different region or city conditions, the technology route, technology measures and methods about garbage disposal are also different.

n recent years, when many cities chose living garbage processing technology or pattern, even investigated many cities at home and abroad, but because of the lack of effective technical guidance of macro policy, they often failed to give full consideration to the region’s natural geographical conditions and garbage composition characteristics. Regardless of the local economy, the municipal finance, they copied advanced garbage disposal methods elsewhere, chose without destination and led to the large investment, poor effect, wasteful resources, secondary pollution and many other adverse consequences, which have had a profound impact to society and environment.

Therefore, a comprehensive and in-depth understanding to the influence factors of garbage disposal technology choices is the basis of establishing processing technology selection model scientifically and objectively.

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